Lincoln Fine Ingredients History

Lincoln Fine Ingredients was established in 1976 originally as OilChem, Inc. by founder Walter Martish, Jr. Oilchem, Inc., was recognized as a valued distributor of specialty and commodity chemicals servicing the leather finishing, textile, lubricant, janitorial, household, institutional and industrial industries. Inspirinig innovation and technology with sustainable initiatives, the company was renamed to Lincoln Fine Ingredients, Inc.

Lincoln Fine Ingredients combined distribution and manufacturing of specialty chemicals and ingredients to become a leader in delivering high performance based products to the pharmaceutical, nutritional, food, beverage, flavor, fragrance, cosmetic, personal care, household, institutional and industrial industries. Lincoln Fine Ingredients supplies planet friendly ingredients throughout the Northeast, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Mexico and Canada.



Oil Chem founded by Walter Martish Jr.


Jim Noon joined Oil Chem


Walter Martish III joined Oil Chem


Company was renamed to Lincoln Fine Ingredients


LFI acquired Specialty Premier in Texas


Lincoln Fine Ingredients acquired by Maroon Group LLC